Student programs

Special attention of Petnica’s archaeological model of education is devoted towards working with students. Activities aimed at working with this target group include a wide range of work.

The basis represents active contribution of students in preparing and realization of programs dedicated to high school students. In that way, students get, apart from personal improvement, a rich pedagogical experience and an opportunity to mentor. Vast majority of students associates are made out of former program participants, but students who didn’t experience Petnica’s archaeological model, as well as students form different faculties and universities are also included in the work of the program.

Throughout the year, Program also organizes a number of specialized programs for students that cover professional practical training in utilization of various methodological frameworks. Thanks to the available equipment and working capacities in Petnica Science Center, Program can organize seminars that follow modern methodological frameworks in field, cabinet and laboratory research. These programs consist of both independent and group work and the main goal is to teach participants the practical use of specialized analytical instruments, ways of their use along with interpretation of obtained results.

The Program can also provide students the opportunity to carry out certain research studies that are mostly implemented within our regular activities.

Our program is entirely open for all interested students who have a desire and devotion to get involved in our work.