Resources of Archaeology program consists of are several work cabinets, documentation center, depot for archaeological material and a laboratory for analytical archaeology.

Work cabinets have the capacity for around 20 seats and are specialized for realization of various types of activities, mostly practical work. Aside from being armed with certain tools and measuring instruments, cabinets are also equipped with technical kit depending on planned activities.

Special segment is the cabinet for scientific photography supplied with modern photography, video and studio equipment. Working conditions provide the opportunity to display and teach participants to correctly use the given equipment during photo and video documentation in research process. Cabinet is also equipped with a 3D scanner, designed for scanning small and medium-sized objects and it is also possible to use the 3D printer within laboratory for physics and electronics.

Documentation center consists of several tens of thousands of different documents related, in most of the cases, to archaeological documentation from field and cabinet research of the site at Petnica – Naselje ispred Male pećine. Aside from this, within the center, there is a rich documentation from many different studies that were completed thanks to collaboration with cooperative institutions, but also independent research from participants of the program.

Depot for accommodating archaeological material was made according to modern museum standards for preservation and settlement of movable cultural goods. Besides archaeological collection, which is partly consisted of findings from excavations of sites such as site Petnica – Naselje ispred Male pećine, Petnica cave – Dvorana sa vigledima and the church of Petnica, in depot is also temporarily kept material from different cooperative institutions for various program activities.

Laboratory for analytical archaeology is equipped with modern furniture and machinery intended for laboratory and field work. Working conditions of the laboratory and other specialized laboratories within Petnica Science Center give the opportunity to, aside for basic analytical work, conduct different analysis and training participants to work with specialized equipment such as:

  • Analysis of soil, rocks and minerals
  • Bioarchaeology: pollen/seed analysis, DNA analysis etc.
  • Chemical analysis for material characterization.
  • Training and working on stereo, light and confocal laser microscopes.
  • Working with specialized chemical equipment XRF, FTIR, ABS, TGH.

As part of the equipment of the laboratory for archaeology, there are a number of different field instruments such as:

  • Different models of GPS devices
  • Drone with photo and video camera
  • Metal detector
  • Total Station;
  • Geo radar.