Programs for high school students


The largest number of activities of the Archeology program is directed towards working with high school students, ages 15-19 years. For this group Program organizes a series of continuous annual seminars at a basic and advanced level.

The program is aimed towards participants with wide specter of interest and for ones who desire to widen their knowledge and research experience and use it in a completely different way. Activities do not include usual school approach in studying science, but they enable participants the chance for personal improvement in several scientific fields to acknowledge and solve various questions.

The model of work seeks to “play” with science and to combine different methods, techniques and knowledge that at first glance don’t have any connection with one another in order to get to certain answers to problems. As a basis the Program use the study of past populations in the natural, social, artistic and technical-industrial segments of life over a long historical period.

Our programs aren’t directly connected to sole study of history but are concentrated on showing participants combined methods and techniques of research, use and training on various instruments and devices, as well as teaching them models of solving diverse archeological problems.

This kind of process requires imagination, creativity and willingness for a game that has no boundaries in learning and using acquired knowledge. If you are like that, join us.