Programs for elementary school students

The youngest group to whom the program carries out their activities are elementary school students, ages 10-15 years. The largest number of program activities are realized through two specialized programs within the Petnica Science Center are Scientific Day and Summer Science School.

Participants in our programs can get insight into reconstruction of the life of mankind in a certain place and time by using different scientific disciplines. In this way, the model of work forces the participant to “play” with science, encourages creativity and independent thinking and links a wider range of knowledge from multiple scientific fields and disciplines.

In addition to familiarizing participants with the basics of archaeological discipline and key aspects of historical periods (from prehistory to modern times) program activities mostly include practical work. Through such forms of work, participants can try a wide range of methodological techniques and the application of certain modern field and laboratory instruments and devices.

Search for new archaeological sites, field research with or without the excavation process, obtaining data from various types of artifacts (ceramic, metal, bone, stone and other findings) analysis of artistic and architectural works, utilization of biological, chemical, physical, geological and other methods in the reconstruction of the past are just a part of fields this model of education is consisted from.