Petnica Science Center complex consists of a number of different segments that include facilities for food and beverage, workshops and cabinets, an well- equipped library, and a number of specialized laboratories.

Accommodation and meals

Within the complex itself there is a hotel with total of 170 beds in rooms which can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 beds. All rooms have a separate bathroom, air conditioning system and are covered with wi-fi system. The restaurant with a kitchen has around 250 places where participants are provided with meals three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Within the restaurant there is a cafe where participants can get different types of coffee and teas, refreshing drinks and water, sweets and sandwiches, as well as personal hygiene products.

Workshops and cabinets

The complex contains several different working rooms and cabinets equipped with modern furniture and technical equipment for displaying digital presentations with wi-fi and sound systems. The capacity of the hall ranges from 20 to 40 seats. For special occasions there is an exclusive conference room with about 150 seats. Depending on the activity, the working cabinets are additionally arranged with furniture and equipment adapted for the given activity. Within the complex, there is a computer center equipped with about 50 PC’s, with Linux and Windows operating systems.

Professional library

The library has about 50,000 scientific books and magazines, as well as several dozens of electronic editions. In addition to the basic part of the library, where all the editions are classified according to the scientific fields, there are several separate reading rooms, as well as space nightwork activities. Electronic editions can be searched and read on several Macintosh computers in the library itself, while the library's entire resources are freely available to participants.

Specialized laboratories

Within Petnica Science Center complex there are several specialized laboratories for archaeology, biology, electronics, physics, geology and chemistry. All laboratories are equipped with modern furniture and technical equipment, with a capacity of 20 to 40 participants. The goal is the realization of different types of presentation and training of participants, from various programs and program activities within the Petnica Science Center.