Archaeology program at the Petnica Science Center presents a unique example of education in the field of archaeology. We carry out our activities through several different seminars, camps, workshops and similar programs during a calendar year. The largest number of programs is aimed at students of secondary schools (age group from 15 to 19), as well as university students. In addition to these target groups, we also provide content for elementary school students, ages 10-14 years, teaching staff and professional researchers.

The basic feature of the program is directed to acquiring new knowledge as well as personal improvement of program participants. Special emphasis of work relates to the provided opportunity of participants for realization of research projects applying the methodology of professional scientific work. In addition to acquainting with the basics of archaeological science, methods and techniques of fieldwork, cabinet and laboratory work, document management, and the application of new technologies in archaeology, the model of work forces a multidisciplinary approach in solving a range of different research problems within this discipline. In this way participants can obtain a wider range of knowledge skills and work experience in the application of different methods, techniques, instruments and other resources from several scientific disciplines and areas.

All the facilities and analytical equipment within Petnica Science Center are fully available to our participants during the implementation of various activities. In principle, the model of work provides the opportunity for participants to (together through the professional supervision of program associates) practically apply and improve obtained knowledge, in addition to the general introduction of work with equipment and available analytical techniques.

All programs are realized with the qualified assistance of experienced professional researchers from Serbia and abroad. With their active involvement, the exchange of literature and professional assistance to young people during the realization of their research ideas, they make a significant factor in the work of the Archeology Program itself. During three and a half decades of work, a group of several hundred different collaborators from various scientific institutions from around the world has been formed. Interesting fact is that a significant number of them who are former participants of Petnica seminars and camps have become prominent scientists and scholars.

Through this model of education system, more than 1000 different participants have passed, who have participated in over 250 different program activities. Over 200 research works were realized, of which about 150 were published in Petnica Papers. To a significant number of former program participants, who are today eminent scientists, this was the first serious step and basis for the development of later numerous studies and university papers.

Basically, the Program is open to various innovative ideas. The opportunity to present results, support for research work, organizing and realizing specialized programs, conferences and meetings by different institutions and researchers make a special approach to our model od education system.