Welcome to the official website of the Archaeology program at Petnica Science Center. Here you can find out everything there is about our activities, current program contents, as well as the possibilities of cooperation and participation in our seminars.



During a calendar year, Archaeology Program organizes several different seminars, camps, workshops and similar programs. The goals of our program are manifold: acquiring new and at the same time expanding existing knowledge/experience in academic research in the various fields of this discipline.






Petnica Science Center consists of a number of different halls and work cabinets, expert libraries, several specialized laboratories, as well as accommodation facilities for participants




The working principles are based on the realization of concrete research projects of participants applying the methodology of scientific research with the help and support of a large number of professional associates of the program.



Welcome to the Program of Archeology at the Petnica Science Center, which is a unique example of out-of-school education for young people in the field of archeology. The program is focused on highly interested and science-oriented high school students and students who have been given the opportunity to play with science. This specific game involves the presentation, training and practical application of several different methods from natural, technical and social sciences in order to reconstruct and learn from the past. During one calendar year we organize continuous multi-day programs where participants have the opportunity to work on concrete research projects applying the methodology of professional scientific work. In addition to these activities, part of the program is also focused on working with elementary school students, professional workers, as well as realization of several research projects.

Imperialsm and Identites at the Edges of the Roman World 4

From September 20 to September 23, 2018 at the Petnica Science Center, the fourth International Archaeological Conference Imperialism and Identities at the Edges of the Roman World will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The conference is expected to involve over 40 exhibitors who will present their works in several oral sessions.

The Autumn Seminar of Archeology 2018

From October 29 to November 2, 2018 at the Petnica Science Center, an autumn seminar of archeology will be held which will bring together 30 participants of this year's program, on both levels, on the topic of Archeology in reality. In addition to a series of interesting lectures and workshops that will present interesting archaeological research during the program, the final results of this year's research projects, which were realized in 2018, will be presented.